International Hotel Consultant
    We can help our customers from the initial design stage right through to Post Opening and beyond if necessary.    
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We are a specialist international consultancy involved in all aspects of the hotel and catering industry.
Whilst this remains at the core of our services we have also branched out into related activities. For example we now operate in many aspects of real estate development as well as the more obviously related areas such as developing projects related to Golf & Country Clubs.
    HBC Specialise in;
  • Planning and Developing New projects
  • Feasibility and Possibility Studies
  • Upgrading existing facilities and/or totally renovating your property.
  • Requiring short or long term management of related projects
  • Trouble Shooting a particular area whether it be Financial Instability, Purchasing, Staff Training, New Targeted Marketing Strategy, Rooms etc
  • Consultancy with planning on costs, architecture, design, marketing, tourism development etc
    Have you Considered?    
    Is it better for an Hotel Owner to employ;
    A relatively unknown  Hotel Manager with a limited set of skills on a 2 year contract?
A team of highly experienced and professional Hotel Consultants who provide a specialist set of skills to all areas on a short term contract that is renewable based on performance and goals?
    International Hotel Consultant. Consultancy for Hotels including opening assistance, pre-opening consultant. Luxury Hotels consultancy. Professional experienced hotel consultant in the Middle East, Far East and the West Indies. Hotel Consultant Dubai, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia. Hotel Consultancy in India - Consultants Bombay, Calcutta. Consultants for Hotels in China specifically Shanghai and Beijing. Hotel consultancy in the Caribbean and Africa